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Groovy Groovy — Let Us Take You On A Trip

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Groovy Groovy — Let Us Take You On A Trip
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From : Saturday, 15 July 2017 23:00
Until : Sunday, 16 July 2017 08:00
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AkanbiModest Glesman, Ronan, Shyboi, Teleself, Vesna, Vveiss, Yogic

You're cordially invited to join the groovy bunch for a very special journey through sound. Akanbi & Yogic will be gearing up for a very spiritual and healing 2.5hr b2b opening set. If you weren't present for Shyboi's bloodclaaaat blood bath, well thank the rave gods you have another chance. Vveiss with the savagely fierce & spicy beats, Modest Glesman with the not-so-modest techno punches and Ronan taking you to his sacred land of seals — soundtracked by alien future jazz & broken beat. And -- quite spontaneously -- the fates have spoken and our beloved wood elves Teleself and Vesna will now be joining us for a very special b2b of cosmic tones and hypnotic rhythms. You can bet we're all in for one hell of a trip. We’ll be taking a break from the chicken joint and moving into a very special bunker for this one. Groovy spaceship taking off promptly at midnight. Do not miss out.







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