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Kevin Saunderson and Sagotsky, Mnmlktchn with Sassmouth

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Kevin Saunderson and Sagotsky, Mnmlktchn with Sassmouth
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Good Room 98 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn nY
From : Thursday, 31 August 2017 22:00
Until : Friday, 01 September 2017 04:00
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Unlimited seats
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Good Room presents... 
Kevin Saunderson
mnmlktchn in the Bad Room with
Sassmouth (god particle)
Beto Cravioto (FBI Warning)
Karlos Leon (mnmlktchn)

Kevin Saunderson has a groove that won't stop. His influence runs deep, through both adopted hometown of Detroit, and music culture as a whole: as one of the Belleville Three, the high school trio which also includes Juan Atkins and Derrick May, he irreparably changed the face of electronic music; with Inner City, he gave it some of its most memorable tunes.

His nickname of ‘The Elevator’ is apt: for his role in transporting Detroit’s new sound to a wider audience; as anyone who has seen him perform live can attest, his high-energy, high-spirit and high-impact DJ sets; and for spending the past 35 years of his life progressing the culture he helped create. Operating in tandem to his golden run as a producer in the late 80s and early 90s, Saunderson’s own KMS record label – a remarkable 30 years strong in 2017 – has chronicled the early footsteps of R-Tyme, Blake Baxter, MK, Chez Damier, Derrick Carter, Bicep and even Saunderson’s son and regular DJ partner Dantiez more recently.

We're thrilled to welcome Saunderson back to Good Room this month. He'll be joined by Sublimate founder and resident DJ, Sagotsky.

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