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Actress (Live A/V), Eartheater, Patricia

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Actress (Live A/V), Eartheater, Patricia
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Brooklyn Bazaar, 150 Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn NY
From : Saturday, 21 October 2017 23:45
Until : Sunday, 22 October 2017 04:00
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Unlimited seats
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◥◣ Actress (Live A/V)
◥◣◥◣ Eartheater
◥◣ Patricia

Darren Cunningham, the face behind the name Actress, has been releasing music under this moniker since 2004. Having worked with a number of labels, he is most often associated with Ninja Tune and Werkdiscs, the latter of which Cunningham himself founded and continues to help run. Being a dance artist who distances himself from “patterns” in favor of “imagery,” Actress’ sophisticated approach to the dance floor makes him a truly unique force in beat-making today. Do not mistake his interests in flatness, grayscale, and white noise for a lack of dynamic in his music; it is as captivating and totalizing as a noisemaker in padded room, with the main difference being that with Actress you’re dancing to a newfound cadence within his thoughtfully crafted variations in timbre and time.

AZD (pronounced “azid”), Actress’ fifth studio album was released April of this year to wide acclaim.

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