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Mysteries Label Launch Party

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Mysteries Label Launch Party
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315 Ten Eyck, Brooklyn NY
From : Saturday, 02 December 2017 20:00
Until : Sunday, 03 December 2017 03:00
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Unlimited seats
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Certain Creatures (live)
William Selman (live)
Lori Scacco live
Birds of Prey (live)
Patrick Russell dj
Candace Price visual

Official launch party for the forthcoming Mysteries label.

— - - —


Certain Creatures is Mexican-American producer & DJ, Oliver Chapoy. In 2013 Oliver released a 12” on Styles Upon Styles which featured guest vocals from Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard/Black Rain). This collaboration led to him producing the 2014 Black Rain comeback record, Dark Pool, on Blackest Ever Black. Since then, Certain Creatures has released records for Styles Upon Styles and Medical Records Transfusions and has performed sets at Mysteries of the Deep, The Bunker NY, among others. He can be heard on the Lot Radio’s Sensoria show every Thursday with frequent collaborator Clay Wilson.

— - - —


William Selman (b. 1973) is an musician and multimedia artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. His work employs analogue and digital synthesis techniques, live percussion and instrumentation, and his own rich field recordings to create compositions and sound art focused on the ideas of place and environment. Selman's recent works have been released on Digitalis and Hausu Mountain. He also plays in a trio creating improvized music with Marcus Fischer and Paul Dickow (Strategy) called Wild Card of Cascadia. They have toured and released a recording of their work together.

Prior to his most recent work, under the moniker Warmdesk, Selman was a producer, performer, and DJ in the late 90s/early 00s electronic music scene in Chicago. He released more dancefloor oriented material on labels such as Background, Force Inc, and Fallt. 

In addition to his sound work, Selman's professional career as a researcher and ethnographer has taken him all over the world to study how ordinary people in different cultures use technology in daily life. 


— - - —


Lori Scacco is a composer, musician, and sound collagist based in New York City. Crafting largely instrumental pieces using micro-sound, melody, acoustic resonance and digital processing, she explores liminal space through polarities - minimalist/maximalist, organic/synthetic, narrative/nonlinear. Her scores and site-specific installations span the worlds of art, film, classical dance, and performance. Select collaborations have been presented by Harvestworks, the Joyce Theater, the Miller Theatre, the New York Choreographic Institute, the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, and the Wexner Center for the Arts. Scacco has been an ensemble member of Savath + Savalas and Helado Negro, and is one half of psych-folk duo Storms with Eva Puyuelo (Savath + Savalas). Her solo and collaborative recordings appear on a number of experimental labels in the US, UK, and Japan. She has remixed patten, Holopaw, and most recently Certain Creatures. Scacco released her first solo album, Circles, on Prefuse 73’s Eastern Developments imprint, and was the co-founder and guitarist of Seely, the first American band on Too Pure.


— - - —


Birds of Prey is an ever-evolving process of chaos, immediacy and necessity. Like an organism emerging from the sea to walk on land for the first time, there is no grand plan, and no going back. The story of our friendship in many ways mirrors our method. We were brought together by a shared fascination with the sublime potential of electricity to generate something unknown, and a mutual trust that a path would reveal itself as we move forward through the dark. Originally conceived and composed live in Brooklyn, Birds of Prey is a collaboration of live electronics by Grant Aaron, Clay Wilson, Eric Holmes, and Camille Altay.


— - - —


Patrick Russell is a true veteran of the US underground, perhaps one of the last unsung heroes of a now lost era in the Midwest. A genuine sonic storyteller, he magically transforms the diaspora of acid, ambient, IDM, and pure jack energy into a deep, fluent sonic dialog that never fails to devastate both minds and dance floor.

A Detroit-bred DJ, artist and producer active since the early 90's, Patrick has now made New York City his home. Perhaps best known as a key figure in the legendary No Way Back parties, his ability to weave intensely unique, long-format narratives has earned him repeat appearances at Japan’s famed Labyrinth festival, not to mention a residency at New York's long-running techno event, The Bunker. He's also been a cornerstone of Brooklyn's own Mysteries of the Deep events, where his experimental sets expand to encompass the cinematic and supernatural.

His consummate taste and disciplined execution have created a respect that cannot be purchased. Patrick Russell is not just a name to watch, he is someone to be experienced.


— - - —


Candace Price is a photographer, director, and painter based in Philadelphia. She has been documenting live music performances since 1998, and began producing music videos in 2005. Her recent video work has evolved into large-scale projections at events to create an immersive atmosphere. Driven by a desire to tap into the unconscious mind, her style often combines expressionistic, organic movement dipping in and out of linear narratives. Candace currently serves as Director of Visual Design for Mysteries of the Deep (NYC), and collaborates with Great Circles (Philly), and 1694 (Philly).


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