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The Black Hole: D. Carbone & Mørbeck

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The Black Hole: D. Carbone & Mørbeck
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From : Saturday, 09 December 2017 23:45
Until : Sunday, 10 December 2017 08:00
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D. Carbone

Deep in the channels of our universe, the detection of warping starlight, bending bits of spatial distortion and agglomerations of matter have revealed a distant cataclysmic event. Two black holes, fiercely spiraling around each other, a multitude of times per second, will finally collide to form one supermassive void on December 9. As we near the end of 2017, ALKHEMY’s Mission Control prepares for this cosmic blowout with a lineup to match the magnitude of such an event. D.Carbone, who will be making his NY debut, and Mørbeck join the ALKHEMY crew to lead a mission one billion light-years away, as we tear through the fabric of our space-time continuum. This impeccable fusion of melodic, coarse and ever-evolving compilation of sounds will extract spirits and lift us into the next dimension. While the entrapment of electromagnetic radiation drives us into a state of darkness, Auspex pulls us deeper into disorientation with each successive track. Paths will merge, particles will bend and curvature will infinitely multiply with WASPS behind the decks, accelerating and free falling through rhythms. AKUA will spare us from the crushing tidal forces with a rich interface of funk and futurism. Once again, BUZZI will guide the mission towards the boundary in space-time, while Xiorro delivers us to safety with a closing set that will catapult our souls out of the relentless pull before it dissolves into eternity.


RSVP: alkhemybk.com

((( Lighting by Stephen Garriques - Metamorph )))

The Black Hole is composed of an ego-less environment, in which, music is the only focus. A place where ALL can enjoy transcendent techno in a profoundly intimate space and not be distracted by external forces. Come as you are and remember that, under no circumstance will misconduct be tolerated. There will be no racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia or sexual harassment allowed. Allow yourself to experience the warping of space, the stretching of time and the only place where there is no reality: The Black Hole.

D. Carbone [New York Debut] | (( Repitch Recordings, Mord Records, Green Fetish Records ))
// https://soundcloud.com/d-carbone

Mørbeck | (( Code Is Law ))
// https://soundcloud.com/moerbeck

Auspex | Unter
// https://soundcloud.com/djauspex

Wasps | (( L a r g e M a r g e B K ))
// https://soundcloud.com/wasps-world

// https://soundcloud.com/etherealbeatbox/59-akua-91117

Xiorro | (( A L K H E M Y ))
// https://soundcloud.com/xiorro

// https://soundcloud.com/buzzzzzzi







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