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21 Years of Nervous Records at Cielo

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21 Years of Nervous Records at Cielo
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Cielo, 18 Little West 12th Street
From : Thursday, 21 July 2011 22:00
Until : Friday, 22 July 2011 05:00
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Unlimited seats
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Kenny Dope
CJ Makintosh
DJ Pierre
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Nervous Records
Help Nervous Records Celebrate 20 years of bringing you ahead of the curve dance music!!!!
We are bringing out the big guns with Kenny, CJ and Peirre. Other Nervous legends are coming and bringing some records

OPEN BAR 10-11pm
Nervous Dancers, Door by James Savage,
Hosted by Anthony Lamont
Kenny Dope-

KENNY DOPE Three-time Grammy nominated Kenny Dope, one of the most prolific
artists of the modern music age, has been entertaining and astounding the
masses alike with his fusion of house, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, soul, and
broken beats. Known as a living encyclopedia of beats, Kenny Dope is a
purveyor of sonic masterpieces. Born in 1970, Kenny Dope grew up in
Brooklyns Sunset Park and by the early eighties he was absorbing the hip
hop beats that were being played at the local street parties. Along with
his partner, Mike Delgado, Kenny organized a series of neighborhood parties
under the Masters at Work alias, and these were regularly attended by
Brooklyn hero Todd Terry. In 1990 after an introduction by Terry, Kenny and
DJ Little Louie Vega immediately hit it off and began a creative
partnership appropriately dubbed Masters At Work. As the MAW sound became
more pervasive in clubs, they became more sought after by artists and
labels, eventually remixing and producing artists such as R. Kelly, Janet
Jackson, Daft Punk, Barbara Tucker, India, Luther Vandross, BeBe Winans,
George Benson and many, many more. Kenny Dopes breakthrough as a solo
artist came with the recording of the breathtaking Bucketheads album in
1995. A track called The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) was the
standout track, fulfilling Kennys ambition to make something raw, something
that was fun. With its driving drums, screeching sound effects and extended
sample from Chicagos Street Player, the song was an instant sensation on
the underground and before long he was gate-crashing the European pop
charts with his first major hit. Following the success of the Bucketheads
album, Kenny took a break from his solo career, focusing on his
collaborative work with Vega. The Nuyorican Soul album marked a
particularly important moment, and had Kenny Dopes unerringly creative
imprint written all over it. Kenny was behind every aspect of the albums
creation, and tracks such as Nautilus were handpicked by the man himself.
The albums release marked Kenny Dopes transition into one of Americas most
important contemporary producers. For the last decade Kenny Dope has had
his hands full releasing literally thousands of tracks, remixing hundreds
of singles, and globe trotting to DJ all over the world. In his production
work, Kenny consistently shows his distinctive ability for programming
superior beats while blending a myriad of music styles to deliver the
ultimate mix. With his long-established reputation as a DJ extraordinaire,
Kenny showcases a melting pot of house, jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop while
keeping the show colorful, energetic and soulful. While production and
touring account for most of his time, Kenny has also established Kay-Dee
Records with Scottish funk DJ legend Keb Darge. Kay-Dee will be the imprint
for rare reissued classic funk records, There is so much great music out
there that we decided to find it and bring it to the masses, Kenny said.
Kay-Dee will also be the label that Kenny will use to featuring up and
coming bands as well. Whether its sitting behind the control board, playing
to his followers, or searching for the next great re-release classic, the
beat master will continue to shine as the master at work.

CJ Mackintosh-

Look at the history of British clubland, and youll find the name CJ Mackintosh is woven inextricably into the tale. From house parties and illegal all-nighters through to British DJs beginning to create music of their own, from the acid house explosion to the British club scene coming of age with the Ministry of Sound, CJ has always been there, pushing things forwards by playing the music he loves.

In 1987, he made a name for himself by winning the UK title in the DMC Mix Championship. Suddenly he was in demand as a remixer, Dave Dorrell, another DJ prominent on the London club scene, asked him to join Nasty Rox Inc one of the first bands to mix rock and dance, with a DJ playing alongside the live instruments. Lauded by the style press, they toured extensively and recorded an album with Trevor Horn. I learned a lot, it was a good experience, being with the band for two years.

Since then, CJ has continued his prolific mix career, working on tracks by C&C Music Factory, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, De La Soul, Inner City, PiL, Coldcut and countless others. He has released several mix albums, and his Love Happy project charted in 1995 with Message of Love. He has traveled extensively as a DJ, and this experience and his ability to span musical genres made him an obvious choice for a residency at the Ministry of Sound in the mid-90s. He was a mainstay at the club until 1997.

As a DJ, CJ prefers to stay low-key, to let the crowd focus on the music rather than his personality. After more than two decades on the cutting-edge, he still has the same passion that fired him from the start. I can understand why people used to cry in clubs in the early days. When you hear the right record, at the right time, in the right place, theres no feeling like it.

DJ Pierre-

DJ Pierre is the quintessential dance producer. With his finger on the pulse of today's underground house scene, he is shaping the present and laying the ground work for the future. Pierre is currently laying down tracks for his forthcoming full-length opus and in the midst of starting his own underground dance label.

More than just a producers' producer, Pierre is the unconventional king of the hard-core house mixers and a visionary. One of the original producers of the 80's Chicago scene. Pierre fuses together scorching acid grooves with pulsating beats, laden with the sultry vocal samples "I'm more or less a minority type producer," he says "I make music for a very select group of people. It's not for the masses. It's for people who really know their music. If you just get into dance music, you probably won't be into my tracks. Someone has to be deeper into house to get my music."

Over the past 10 years, DJ Pierre has created a niche for himself in a genre that sees its players change continually, most being forgotten more than remembered. Moreover, his name has become synonymous with some very provocative and influential sounds. Pierre has produced more than 50 house anthems ranging from Phuture's "Acid Trax", "The Creator" and "Your Old Friend" to Photon Inc.'s "Generate Power" and "Give A Little Love". He also scored well with Joint Venture's "Masterblaster" and his own "Muzik Set You Free." As a remixer, he's hit gold by reinventing more than two dozen infectious grooves including, Phuture's "Spirit," RuPaul's "A Shade Shady," The Pet Shop Boys "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing" and Urban Soul's "Sex On My Mind." He hit number one on the Billboard Dance chart with Midi Rain's "Shine."

Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, DJ Pierre was a master whiz at fixings things, be it transistor radios, televisions or the Christmas lights on a family tree "I always thought I'd be into electronics. I was seven years old and really good with doing stuff like that-fixing people's watches, putting lights in people's radios. I had no training, just a lot of curiosity", he says. "I've always been able to figure out on my own and learn by the experiences of doing things myself."

It was that curiosity that led to his fascination with electronic instruments-keyboards, drum machines and programming. In 1986, influenced by his father and uncle, both of whom were musicians (his uncle played with Duke Ellington), DJ Pierre started getting into the music vibe. Practicing in his parents' basement, he started playing tracks. "The thing was, I was into this Italian House and Spanky, who I hung with, said, 'they don't listen to that anymore'", he recalls. "I was from the suburbs and he'd be going into Chicago, then coming back and telling me what people were listening to. He's been telling me that the stuff I was listening to was about to die out. I didn't really know about what was going on. But I caught on pretty quick... and Spanky then put together this group Phuture and we began to create this totally new sound that everyone else soon caught on to."

Since then he has become one of the most in-demand producers and DJ's. He's constantly sought after Europe, playing regularly in Germany, the UK, Italy and France. And he's a staple at the clubs in New York City. In the next few months, Pierre plans to launch his own house music label, along with an R&B one. He'll also continue his successful work with Twisted America Records, Strictly Rhythm and the other handful of labels with whom he has become synonymous. And he only expects the pace to continue getting faster, both in his work. With LaVette, who co-writes most of his material, he hopes to focus more on vocal tracks, as well as the house sound for which he has become famous.

"House is always going to be here. There is always going to be some form of underground dance music. It's not going to snuff out. People will always have a need to express themselves," he says "I get a really spiritual vibe from what I do. With the right beat, the right flow, I get a hypnotic feeling from the music I produce. I could be doing something more commercial, but then it wouldn't be true."







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