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Written by CGNY   
Monday, 05 May 2014 17:56

This weekend at Output, Bunker presents P.A.S vs L.B Dub Corp - all rolled into the personage of Luke Slater, one of the more interesting dj/producers around. His own label Mote-Evolver has some pretty heavy hitters signed up and his latest moniker of L.B Dub Corp released most recently on the Ostgut Ton label.  We had a little chat with Luke ahead of his gig this weekend.

CGNY: I was reading that you started out in the early acid house scene in London and certainly some of your music retains that ‘acid’ vibe; very dance driven and some quite ‘ravey’ (is that a word?!) material there. And acid seems to be making a bit of comeback for want of a better word. Is the old new again musically?

LS: The newest generation is getting excited from the original music and that’s a great thing. As someone who was playing those records back then, I don’t want to make them all again or play them all again all the time. But it’s a big part of my history sure, but history it is.

CGNY: Were you a clubber yourself back in the day? How did you get involved in music initially and then electronic music specifically?

LS: Before I started DJing in clubs in 1988 I spent some time on the floor, especially at nights like Pyramid at Heaven. There was a DJ back then called Colin Faver who was very upfront. When I see a young floor when I’m playing these days, I know where they are at.  I’ve been there :)I was always involved in music in some way. That happened around the age of 8 years old I think. It was an obsession even then, with records and drums.

(Luke playing Movement Detroit last year)

CGNY: You’ve had a lot of different monikers – is that about your constant musical or personal reinvention?

LS: It’s perhaps about trying to make the most of time.

CGNY: As I read and discover more about techno, it appeals to me as ‘thinky’ music. Definitely more for a cerebral type of listening. What is it about techno that still appeals to you?

LS: Some of the original Detroit techno which I love had this melancholy beautiful insight to the sound, “Thinky”, as you put it. And to me this still is the definition of the word, the roots of what is today’s music in general as the music’s moved on. If you can dance to a record that’s got rhythm, and it takes you somewhere mentally too. That’s a beautiful thing!

CGNY: With LB Dub Corp, you’ve released on Ostgut Ton. Why that label for this sound?

LS: Well it’s very much a label I have a relationship with musically and idea wise. I’d just finished a long P.A.S. live tour and was itching to complete the L.B. DUB Corp album. The timing was right for the album and I really enjoyed getting it out there and of course playing the tracks and looking forward to be playing some P.A.S. vs L.B. Dub Corp grooves at the Bunker Output in Brooklyn on Friday and in Toronto on Saturday.

Luke Slater plays Output this Friday. Ticket info here!
Check out Luke Slater on Soundcloud with The Spacestation Radio Show
Last Updated on Monday, 05 May 2014 18:39

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