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Written by CGNY   
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 15:46


When you're a young Italian producer, fresh on the scene and you've already got heavyhitters like Slam and Len Faki playing your tracks, well you're going to get attention for sure. But Adv709 wants to stay under the radar.  He came across our path last year via a viral video on TechnoStation. But its the quality of the music that lingers on. With releases on Anemone Recordings and more to come, CGNY did a little sleuthing and managed to get a little chat in with him. Read on!

CGNY: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us. In the interest of keeping your moniker private, I’ll just refer to you here as ‘A’. So tell me a little about the Adv709 sound? And how did you get into techno?

A: First of all thank you for your interest. Adv709 is meant as a moniker where I want all the attention only on the sound, where I cease to be me (as name, surname, etc.) and I exist only on a sonic and emotional level.

I stepped into the electronic music scene first, and into techno after because I needed a way to create. I had to let get out these strange feelings that I had. My influences, as I said, are all my unconscious feelings that I accumulate in everyday life and show up together in a different form, essentially as feelings (unjustified joy, happiness or uneasiness too); and obviously as producer I probably can't produce if I don't listen to the music around me.

CGNY: How did you get in touch with Anemone Recordings? Your new releases there are fantastic.

A: I got in touch with Anemone around 2-3 years ago, when I had the chance to talk with Sian and Calculus because they were interested in my sounds.

CGNY: Sian? That’s fab! We love Graham! The video for “Pl-ktr” with the African dancers was really fun and quite a great fit for the track (linked above). Tell us about that!

A: I saw this one from a friend and when I saw it I laughed so much. Someone told me Techno Station did it after someone on YouTube wrote under Pl-ktr video that it 'All started in Africa'. All this made me smile like a kid who makes a strange doodle or is trying to make a good drawing and all the adults around him start to talk and laugh about it!

CGNY: You are keeping a limit on the number of podcasts that you make. At a time when artists are putting out many per year – what is your thinking behind this? Is it simply to save time and focus on music production or something else?

A: I'm keeping my podcast really limited because I want people to come to my gigs and  listen to my music there! These days this sounds kind of strange because as you said a lot of artists are releasing regular or scheduled podcasts. I don't judge this. I just think for me, music should be listened to in the right place and the right moments to be appreciated at its best.

CGNY: What fun activity away from music do you like to do to relax or inspire you?

A: I usually love to work on music so much that music is still my hobby too! But I'm also interested in the graphic arts such as cinema or music videos, photography etc.

CGNY: What other releases have you planned and any gigs for 2017?

A: In 2017 I will release some remixes you need to check and mainly the last chapter of 'Golden Walls Series' on Anemone and probably after this one will be another great surprise to be released!

CGNY: If you had to hand an alien a record to represent techno now, what would it be?

A: If I was given the hard task of explaining techno to aliens, probably I will show them one of the most representative releases in history for me: Paula Temple's Deathvox EP on R&S Records released in 2014.

CGNY: Thank you and good luck with all your projects in 2017!



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