NEW YORK, NY (October 11th, 2011) – From the brilliant minds of international trance sensation, COSMIC GATE (aka NIC CHAGALL and BOSSI), come the act’s fifth studio album, WAKE YOUR MIND (Black Hole Recordings), released October 24th (Beatport), and October 31st, 2011 (iTunes and other digital retailers). WAKE YOUR MIND contains the epic singles and dancefloor bombs longtime COSMIC GATE fans live for, including “The Theme” and “Barra.” The album also contains co-productions with international artists, ARNEJ, MYON & SHANE 54 and ANDREW BAYER, as well as knockout vocal tracks with EMMA HEWITT, JES, ARUNA, CARY BROTHERS, CATHY BURTON and more. The first single off the album, “Be Your Sound” with EMMA HEWITT, will be released October 17th, 2011.

Twenty-eleven has been an extraordinary year for COSMIC GATE. Multiple singles from their retrospective album, BACK 2 THE FUTURE (Black Hole), took up residence on Beatport’s “Top 10” sales charts for an unprecedented three straight months. The BBC Radio 1 recently aired COSMIC GATE’s debut “Essential Mix,” which was extremely well-received by listeners, and COSMIC GATE has played nearly 100 clubs, arenas and festivals around the world this year alone. Of WAKE YOUR MIND, NIC says, “This album is our collective call-out to the EDM universe, and we want it to shake up people’s conceptions of our music!” BOSSI adds, “We wanna blow any lingering, outdated misconceptions to pieces!”

From the first moment of the album ‘til the very last, WAKE YOUR MIND exhibits COSMIC GATE’s finely honed sonic mastery relentlessly tearing apart the airwaves in a total of 14 tracks. “The Theme” is COSMIC GATE’s cover of JURGEN VRIES’ livewire club smash. “Sometimes They Come Back For More” is a blazing tune with ARNEJ. The title track, “Wake Your Mind,” takes CARY BROTHERS’ rockfish refrain and puts it front-and-center. “Drifting Away” is positively uplifting with CATHY BURTON. “Over The Rainbow” with J’SOMETHING is a euphoric delight. “Flying Blind” features the golden voice of the undisputed ‘Queen of Rocktronica,’ JES. “Nothing Ever Lasts” is a progressive-house gem with ANDREW BAYER. “All Around You” turns positively heady with ARUNA and MYON & SHANE 54. “Never Apart” tugs at the listener’s soul through ALANA ALDEA’s heart-breaking lament; ALDEA again demonstrates her vocal dexterity on “Beautiful Destruction,” a gut-wrenching tune that nonetheless soars. EMMA HEWITT is as masterful on the beseeching “Be Your Sound” as she is bewitching on the heavenly “Calm Down.” COSMIC GATE stands tall by themselves on the anthemic, crystal-clear “Barra,” and again on the passionate “Perfect Stranger.” For EDM fans young and old, COSMIC GATE’s WAKE YOUR MIND album does not disappoint!