For 2014 the Krake Festival is coming up with a totally new set up. For the main event on saturday we cooperate with the Urban Spree Gallery, which is located next to the Suicide Circus and combine their areal with that of Suicide Circus to offer you a massive festival place to wander around between several floors full with music and arts. A thing like this offered in the centre of the city is extraordinary and will make this year's edition an unforgettable event. For now, here is a rough outline of the festival as a whole. More details to follow. Stay tuned!
KRAKE is an annual Berlin based fes­ti­val for chal­leng­ing elec­tronic music. Krake means octo­pus and the fes­ti­val is organ­ised in a com­pa­ra­ble way: reach­ing out to selected loca­tions dur­ing one week pre­sent­ing the best in elec­tronic music, what­ever style it is. The fes­ti­val is not huge, not expen­sive, does not have big spon­sor­ing deals or four dif­fer­ent colour area passes.
It’s just a good and so far suc­cess­ful try to bring back the focus on artists who dare to step off the beaten tracks.
A fes­ti­val for music lovers.

monday, aug, 4th
Urban Spree Gallery // doors open: 20:00 // cost: 12€ Advance, 15€ Ticket Box
We open the festival with an arty night, presenting live performances of outstanding artists. The Urban Spree Gallery is an amazing venue, combining industrial aesthetics with a sweet, personal DIY flair, perfect for our opening.
TRANSFORMA are a video collective mostly known for their work for Apparat but also for Deutsche Theater and many others. They mostly work with real footage of mostly natural materials that they produce and project in real time. For Krake they cooperate with NACKT, a live music performer of rarely seen quality, who will improvise on the grand piano plus effects and other instruments to the morbid pictures that Transforma produce.
THE NEST are a group of musicians from Cologne and Berlin consisting of members of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Desmond Denker and Tannhäuser Sterben & Das Tod. "Highly minimal and with due attention to space and atmosphere, 'Music For Drivers' is poised with a sharp tension between contrasting organic and mechanical sound sources; field recordings lend an unpredictability and sense of atmospheric breadth while their patiently attuned playing paints the space between with ethereal, otherworldly strokes of synthesizer, saxophone and electronics, constantly morphing between moods which are never quite just dark and light, maybe best described in terms of psychedelic, hallucinatory light shows." said Boomkat about their first album. We are awaiting their performance following their second album released in june 2014 on Album Label.

Third live act of the night KHAN takes the audience into a totally different direction. A nun seeking enlightenment. Khan as a male hustler including his own phone sex line on 1-900 Get-Khan. His pop fueled live shows often playing with gender roles are sought after for a reason.

As a little extra the robots taking part in the TERMINATOR TOURNAMENT on saturday will be showing off on the robot catwalk so you know which one to bet on!

line up:
KHAN (I'm single, album label) - live
THE NEST (album label) - live
+ show off of the robots of the

wednesday, aug 6th
Berghain Kantine // doors open: 20:00 // cost: 12€ advance, 15€ ticket box
The wednesday night at Berghain Kantine is the classical Krake night. This was where the whole Killekill story started, and a night in this cosy venue was part of every edition of the festival so far. This year Killekill meets up with the labels of two close friends to the Killekill family: Crazy Language and Mindwaves Music. Both labels stand for a daring approach to electronic music, Mindwaves Music focussing on playful electronica and IDM, Crazy Language on more abstract tunes. Combined with a small proper Killekill line up, and a reading of club related stories of selected contemporary German authors this night will cross it all over from intellectuality to pure dancefloor madness.
line up:
mindwaves music artists:
SOFUS FORSBERG (mindwaves music) - live
KARSTEN PFLUM (mindwaves music) - live

crazy language artists:
LOGICAL DISORDER (crazy language) - live
SK'P (crazy language) - live
AXIOM (crazy language)

killekill artists:
NEIL LANDSTRUMM (killekill) - live
friday, aug 8th
Suicide Circus // doors open: 23:00 // cost: 12€ advance tickets, 15€ ticket box
On friday we take off into a weekend packed with great music. For the first day we present some of the most challenging characters in contemporary electronic music with a focus on audiovisual performances.
DEMDIKE STARE with their horror vision of techno music are definitely a highlight of this night. But upcoming R&S-artistPAULA TEMPLE, industrial technoist ANCIENT METHODS, dark ambient monster SVARTE GREINER should each be capable of making your pants wet as well. As are legendary extremist ALEX CORTEX and minimalists PLASTER who are working on a special a/v show with the outstanding LASAL for Krake.
Stay tuned for more!
line up:
DEMDIKE STARE (modern love) - a/v live show
PAULA TEMPLE (r&s) - a/v live/dj hybrid show
PLASTER (stroboscopic artefacts, kvitnu) & LASAL - live a/v show
ALEX CORTEX (killekill, skudge) - live
+ more to follow

saturday, aug 9th
Suicide Circus & Urban Spree // doors open: 22:00 // cost: tba // cost: 15€ advance, 18€ ticket box
The saturday night will be a fourdimensional blast full with great music, outstanding visual art and everything that goes in between categories.
On the Urban Spree floor we have our very special of this year's edition going, the TERMINATOR TOURNAMENT, the robot battle of the century. Science fiction now!
Raging combat machines built by low tech robot tinkerers meet in the ultimate battle at the fighting arena during the Krake Festival. The audience bets which robot will be the last survivor, and which ones will bleed all electrons out of their wires. The coolest fighting style and the most sophisticated way of dying are also judged and rewarded by a jury, which is recruited ad hoc at the spot. Come and wittness the bomb - astic show!
This spectacle will be accompanied by the biggest synth nerds Berlin has to offer: The TRANSISTORS OF MERCY will blwo your mind with the meters and meters of synths they will bring to jam on FOR HOURS!
On the Suicide Club Floor we present a fine selection in electro. DMX KREW with his hilarious live show using drum machines, synths and mic shall is a must, OVUCA from Aphex Twin's label Rephlex and FELIX KUBIN with his dadaist Kraftwerk-influenced electro are as well. Killer!
The Urban Spree Concert Room will be hosted by a new outstanding label from Athens, Modal Analysis, presenting their label artists YVES DE MEY (part of SENDAI with Peter van Hoesen), KONDAKTOR, ANFS and 3.14 alongside a mindblowing and recently heavily acclaimed special guest which can not be named yet due to Berlin club politics.
The qualities of the Suicide Open Air Floor are still to be discovered. But besides all things mentioned above there will be a million of things happening on this huge areal, including dance performers, installtaions and an octopus food stand.

line up:
urban spree gallery hall:
+ more to follow
suicide club floor:
DMX KREW (rephlex, breakin) - live
OVUCA (rephlex) - live
FELIX KUBIN (gagarin records) - live
ALIENATA (kat channel, snuff trax)
WASSIM (centrifuge)
+ more to follow

urban spree concert hall:
very special guest to be announced!
YVES DE MEY (sendai, modal analysis) - live
ANFS (modal analysis)
KONDAKTOR (modal analysis)
3.14 (modal analysis)

suicide open air floor: