I don't have a panel of experts weighing in. It's subjective as is most folks musical taste. This is purely based on the number of times I've gone "Ah!" while listening to a track for the first time and usually many times over 2014.

I realize its not quite the end of December and some stunning track could come my way in the meantime. But it will be shelved for 2015. So presented in no particular order CGNYs Top Tracks of 2014

The World –As Patria - http://youtu.be/B7_38LcvTzA


Synthese – Arnaud le Texier – Unam Zetineb remix - http://youtu.be/Mz2eQYyivMQ


Elevation – Phil Moffa - http://youtu.be/AazTClIonZE


Clone Wars – Radio Slave - http://youtu.be/6-iEovkZC78


Warehouse Memoiries – UK Rave mix – Stranger - http://youtu.be/BHHYdNwfj2Q


Track 2 – Sterac - http://youtu.be/wBNJFGoWKIw


Totemism – Zeitgetber - http://youtu.be/3LBcb2xSy6Y


For the Music – Demus Whisper - http://youtu.be/6PDdBrjo7CQ


Crossfade – Maceo Plex, GusGus remix - http://youtu.be/5jqOjDGCLfk


Black Russian – DVS1 - http://youtu.be/1_yv3TX8Zrg


Anentropic Field – DJ Zadig - http://youtu.be/PeyC2yGXxTw


Getting Closer – Mike Wall - https://soundcloud.com/wallmusic/wmltd013-b2-mike-wall-getting-closer


Biological Invention – Yuka http://youtu.be/AZTYS1JwhCY


I/Y Blind Observatory- Scanning   http://youtu.be/1ywqJll1Uvs


Sad Party – Voiski - http://youtu.be/KDFFyscpCUA


Cleric- Sigmund - http://youtu.be/l9NO5yoFgeU


Yan Cook – The Edge - http://youtu.be/pS9ELpLvu7M


White Angel Breadline – Sleeparchive - http://youtu.be/jGYVVjpgWTY


The Bailiff - Kamikaze Space Program - http://youtu.be/4KYYOr-uRd8


Epley Manoeuvre – Oscar Mulero - http://youtu.be/8Gby7wDnmeI


Rings of Smoke – Roberto, Roman Lindau remix  - http://youtu.be/2MiVwUcVprM