How do you end an amazing 20th Anniversary Celebration? We think we’ve figured out our final flourish by bringing you the last of our 20th Anniversary year from the amazing Vince Watson. This is also our 250th release and a package that not only includes a remix from label boss Josh Wink, but features two bonus digital tracks that see Vince delving into his ambient side. A true celebration… We bring you “Déjà Vu”.

Vince Watson is one of the house-techno crossover pioneer’s and helped facilitate the tech-house genre’s appeal to the masses. A long musical history saw him release his debut album „Biologue“ at the end of the Millenium on Alola. The album was a big success and included the now classic track „Mystical Rhythm“. His work had a huge impact on the global electronic scene for setting a personal hypnotic perspective of groovy, melody and atmospheric sounds, a unique signature sound. He would continue his relationship with Alola, but also record for such acclaimed labels as Delsin, Planet E, and F…U F CCOM. He went on to establish his own labels Bio and Everysoul. 

2014 saw Vince step out and explore new and old relationships in regards to his releases. He rekindled his relationship with Plant E and released on Poker Flat, Bedrock and Cocoon. We are excited to say that now Vince is gracing Ovum on what will be our 250th release and the final culmination of what has been an incredible 20th Anniversary Celebration. 

„Deja Vu“ is an incredible slice of deep and emotional techno. Prepare to be taken on a bubbly ride with many twists and turns and an all-enveloping groove. The deepness is there, but this track still packs a serious punch. „Illusion“ is a wonderful combination of beauty and musicality with an inspiring drive. Illusion sees Vince taking us from the dark into the light. A gorgeous hypnotic piece that will surely become a future classic. 

Josh Wink delivers his own twist on „Illusion“. Staying true to the original Wink adds his own trademark tweeks and discreet acid touch, matching frenetic percussion with the sweeping synths of Watson’s original. Beautiful and epic.

Alongside the stunning original mix of Deja Vu Vince also presents two of his unique and trademark Ambient and Beatless mixes. A special brace of mixes to fully immerse ourselves within and a perfect way to complete our anniversary package.

1. Deja Vu

2. Illusion

3. Illusion (Wink Re-Think)

4. Illusion (Beatless Mix)

5. Illusion (Ambient Mix)


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Soundcloud Samples: soundcloud/ovumrecordings

HUGE SUPPORT FROM: Josh Wink, John Digweed, Hot Since 82, Christian Smith, Lee Burridge, Ryan Crosson, Soul Clap, Heidi, Chymera, Laurent Garnier and many more!


Laurent Garnier – “Vince is one of my favourite techno producers of all time ......... Perfect music as always from Mr Watson!”

Christian Smith– Vinnie is my favourite European-Detroit techno producer. Great remix from Josh too!”

Chymera– “Vince is the master of the chord progression. Deja Vu really reminds of his deeper stuff on Fcomm.. and Illusion is classic Vince. Wink's version is suitably uptempo interpretation. also great."

Soul Clap (Charlie) – “GORGEOUS!  Deep Techno is making my day! ”

Heidi– “Wink can do no wrong in my eyes. Ever!”

Funk D'Void/Francois Dubois – "Chords Chords Chordsssssss lushness, and bassline from heaven!!"

Hot Since 82 – “I LOVE this release J Wicked stuff, especially the Wink Re-think.”


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