Moog Music and Switched On Announce:

Moog SXSW Showcase
Marcel Dettmann, Matrixxman, Patricia, Sevdaliza, Teengirl Fantasy, and Fielded

March 21, 2015
Austin, Texas

For the last four years Moog Music has partnered with Austin-based synthesizer boutique Switched On in producing a series of highly acclaimed showcases at the SXSW Music Festival. These shows aim to distinguish themselves as a high note of electronic musical performance and diverse artistic line-ups. Previous performers include Gary Numan, Austra, Trust, John Maus, Neon Indian, The Soft Moon, Empress Of, Xeno & Oaklander, Soft Metals, EMA, Kontravoid, SURVIVE, Silent Diane, and many more.

By creating this event at SXSW, Moog and Switched On seek to illustrate the cyclical narrative that occurs at the intersection of technology and music. Devices that begin as an idea in the minds of electronic engineers, are then physically manifested as inspired tech in the hands of artists, who interpret their own creativity through the device and into the ears of listeners, and eventually into the ether of long lasting influence. A singular device can profoundly affect a song, album, genre, or generation.

Featuring artist performances, music technology demonstrations and the interpretation of a live audience, this event is a celebration of these processes as much as it is a proof of concept.

Turning to the dancefloor, the 2015 line-up consists of producers that are shaping the new landscape in techno, house, and pop:  Moog Music and Switched On are proud to present Marcel Dettmann, Matrixxman, Patricia, Sevdaliza, Teengirl Fantasy, and Fielded in Austin’s Elysium Nightclub during SXSW 2015.

In addition to the performances, Moog Music will be on-site with an armada ultra high quality synthesizers and devices for the attendees to experience first hand.

Austin based sound system designers Bass Boss will also be in the house and providing a top notch PA system for an enhanced auditory experience. To fully represent the detail and impact of our performer’s material high quality sound is our utmost priority.


Headlining the Moog Music & Switched On showcase is legendary German techno producer and Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann, making this his Texas debut.

Techno as Marcel Dettmann defines it, is neither a movement without history nor wistful nostalgia. In the hands of the Berliner, the well-known game of hi-hats, bass lines, and kick drums draws its tension and momentum from a historically grown tradition, and the conscious decision to break the rules.

Reformation and solid construction outplays the use of any gimmicks. Dettmann pours Detroit’s oil into European engines, puts British bass music under the control of Chicago’s very own Jack, cuts classics with abstract nuances and connects yesterday with tomorrow and today. In the unrelenting manner of a great DJ, he generates moods and connections that are age- and classless, but never irrelevant or tasteless.

Marcel Dettmann links up the art of improvisation with careful preparation and finally gives techno some of its often painfully missed serious physical constitution back.

Directly supporting Marcel is Matrixxman. Endeavoring to construct “the most futuristic shit ever” with just a year under his belt, Matrixxman is a name that will be known for years to come.

Matrixxman follows the Cartesian view of identity.  The body is seen as a container for our mind, personality, and ultimately our soul. But what happens when technology allows us to transcend the limitations of physical reality as we know it? In a post-corporeal life, our bodies may no longer be confined to the rather cumbersome form of a human but instead a vast digital network. Matrixxman just so happens to be an inhabitant of such an environment. When he is not busy spawning a myriad of artificial intelligence entities and endless virtual worlds within worlds, he also enjoys composing music. The essence of which is crafting new interpretations of something straddling the grey area between classic Chicago house and Detroit techno. “Resurgent techno atavism” as he prefers to call it.

In 2013, Matrixxman’s debut EP “The XX Files” received critical acclaim, garnering praise from the likes of The Fader, Pitchfork, XLR8R and FACT act Magazine. His relentless rhythm track “Protocol” has been supported and played by a who’s who of dope underground elite including Levon Vincent, Jimmy Edgar, Jeff Mills, San Soda, Boddika, Pfirter, Danny Daze and Dubfire. Meanwhile on the house side of things, various tunes of his have been rinsed by tastemakers such as Larry Heard, HNNY, Huerco S, Seth Troxler, and Damian Lazarus… to name a few.

Patricia is a Chicago-born producer with a distinct brand of hardware techno. The now Brooklyn-based artist makes tracks that sound as if they can only exist in a physical place—whether they're spinning around on a dusty 12" or thumping against your chest in a crowded basement club, Patricia's rough-edged tunes are tailor made for tangible, real-life experiences. This much was made evident in the smoky dancefloor transmissions of 2013's Body Issues release for lauded DIY label Opal Tapes (not to mention his various side projects with the likes of Jahiliyya Fields, Arp, and others), and Patricia takes that rugged reimagining of vintage Midwestern techno to new territories on his first EP for Spectral Sound, Side Piece.

Dive into the mysterious world of musician SEVDALIZA, her music contains breathy vocals contrasting with heavy basslines, creating a mood that screams temptation. Born in Iran and now based in the Netherlands, 27-year-old Sevdaliza has made quite a name forof herself. Her highly anticipated music videos caught the attention of many international blogs. Complex nominated her video “Sirens of the Caspian” as top ten video of the 2014. This resulted in features with Vogue, Alexander Wang, and also H&M made her a brand ambassador. Her music has been described as dark and demanding.

While students at Oberlin College, Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi connected over a shared love of classic house and techno records that prompted them to make, "some kind of dance music that wasn't just emulating what we were hearing." The duo formed their music organically, improvising over loops that eventually materialized into full-fledged compositions. Rather than relying on triggering loops, or quantization, Teengirl Fantasy's music has always been performed and composed live, resulting in a form of discourse between the band and their instruments. The result is a-typical for electronic dance music- colorful, maximalist textures and tones that move along with a driving rhythm yet still retain a distinctly human and emotional core.

After the release of their sophomore LP Tracer from August 2012, Teengirl Fantasy
released a new EP ‘NUN’ in November 2013. Consisting of four tracks, ‘Nun’ showcased their ability to mix different genres while staying true to their original free-form sound. "Eric"touched on genres such as drum'n'bass, jungle, and footwork, while title track "Nun" was a sprawling, yet percussion heavy club journey, building in verve throughout. "Platinum" simulated a soaring feeling with airy synths that are offset by sparse hard-edged percussion. The EP closed with "Nun Beat," a variation of "Nun" played at a different tempo to create a screwed R&B beat. Overall, Nun was reminiscent of Teengirl Fantasy's earlier works while stepping into new territory and giving insight into where their sound was headed.

Following last year’s journeying NUN EP, Teengirl Fantasy have returned with Thermal on Break World Records. Tracing threads from their previous deconstructed dance floor works into thrilling new directions, the Thermal EP is the duo’s most mature and cohesive work to date. It features four new songs: two instrumentals that showcase the duo’s sensual and intuitive way with texture, and two prime-time vocal tracks featuring the new queen of underground Korean R&B, Hoody, and rising NYC artist Lafawndah.

Fielded is the stage name of Lindsay A. Powell, a producer and vocalist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Powell works mainly with electronic manipulation of vocals, synthesizers and live instrumentation in order to achieve a unique pop sound. Brought full circle by her brave and powerful lead vocal work, it is Powell’s progressive songwriting and distinctive voice that keep the project cohesive and inspired.

Two singles from Boy Angel, "Reign" & "City of the Dazed", were revealed to the world in early 2014. Powell has created a fashionably surreal and masterful statement that showcases the solo act in a new light of grandiose female pop. Originally one half of sister duo Festival and part of experimental prog project Ga'an, Powell now stands on her own baring fresh-faced self-expression both in her recordings and live performances.  You can stream her sophomore release Ninety Thirty Thirty via CAPTCHA in April 2013.
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Switched On's specialized and personable staff offers creative consultation and knowledge of synthesis and audio production. The service department staffs professional repair technicians to revitalize prized gear from every era. Switched On aims to create a better model of how a musical instrument store can impact and enrich a community of talents, worldwide.

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