S4RUS & Subfractal – I Await

New York, NY – De-Konstrukt A&R and label manager, S4RUS team up with De-Konstrukt’s co-founder Subfractal for their long-awaited EP, ‘I Await’.S4RUS is heavily influenced by the techno scene of the 1980’s and 1990’s and it shows in his productions that utilize experimental elements of the past and future. Subfractal have made a name for themselves across the globe with their unique minimal sound that mixes driving and brooding techno elements with beautifully dark ingredients.
Subfractal follows up from their latest to EPs on Harthouse and Funk N’ Deep and their remix of A. Paul and Dolby D’s ‘Insidious’ on Dolma Records while S4RUS makes his production debut. Hell Driver of France and Exhale and Dink from Detroit bridge the gap between NYC, Detroit, and France with remixes. Making this EP a collaboration of artists straight from the motherlands. ‘I Await’ begins with the title track with a gentle but driving bassline that turns into a very heavy thumping bassline. Dark and dirty elements work their way throughout with a very chilling vocal allowing the bassline to taper off adding a few inflections. Hell Driver then presents his take on ‘I Await’ with an even heavier bassline driving you into oblivion.

The next track entitled ‘Spire’ slows things down a bit adding more percussive instrumentation and melody. ‘Spire’ continues to propel and pick up the pace allowing for the low-pitched sounds to remain constant. Exhale’s remix picks up the pace even more and removes some of the melodious and harmonic ingredients while Dink’s remix slows down the pace a bit incorporating elements from their hometown of Detroit. The EP then finishes off with a very dark and heavy techno track by the name of ‘Cruncher’. ‘Cruncher’ starts off with a steady build before tapering off and adding ghoulish and menacing arrangements teetering back and forth before bringing the EP to a halt.
De-Konstrukt’s love of techno begins with the basic instincts that tell us to celebrate the phenomenon and hypnotic nature of rhythm. Only acting as it’s written in our genes – it’s all just the human nature – just another human fetish – another form of religion, another church – another philosophy.

Pushing out fierce, innovative and forward thinking techno, which leans towards the darker side, De-Konstrukt focuses on the ideas of every individual producer locally and worldwide.

Home to Techno in North America and the world!
‘I Await’ is out now on De-Konstrkt Recordsand available exclusively on Beatport
Release Date: 2015-10-13

Genre: Techno

Label: De-Konstrukt Music

Catalog #: DKT054

6 Tracks Total
  1. S4RUS & Subfractal – I Await (Original Mix) – 8:19 – 128 BPM
  2. S4RUS & Subfractal – I Await (Hell Driver  Remix) – 6:41 – 127 BPM
  3. S4RUS & Subfractal – Spire (Original Mix) – 9:53 – 123 BPM
  4. S4RUS & Subfractal – Spire (Exhale Remix) – 8:03 – 127 BPM
  5. S4RUS & Subfractal – Spire (Dink Remix) – 7:09 – 123 BPM
  6. S4RUS & Subfractal – Cruncher (Original Mix) – 8:41 – 127 BPM
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