Most sample-based music out there, sounds like it has been sampled and that is a big difference with 'Indians & Cowboys' - Danish DJ duo Den Sorte Skole's new LP. It does not sound like its made from samples. It sounds like the most eclectic band in the world at the moment with the most different instruments, vocalists and genres than any other band in the world right now. While questions of multiculturalism, immigration and conflict between cultures is all over the place, this album presents one possible - musical - way out of these problems. It presents a humble attempt to raise a musical Tower of Babylon. Fans include Brian Eno and Jean Trouillet who are supporters of Den Sorte Skole's sonic aggregation and for good reason.

While DSS have been drawing critic's comparisons to electronic masterminds like Modeselektor and Nicolas Jaar, 'Indians & Cowboys' goes way beyond confines of genre, style, country and culture. It's the duo's most ambitious project yet due to their fielding of 10,000 samples from 350 vinyl records from 75 countries all blended into a seamless whole.
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While it is a challenging album, yes, there are so many listeners out there craving for something that can send them on a musical journey for discovery. I hope you take a moment to listen to this LP receiving 5 star reviews a and being critically acclaimed as "Worldclass in all senses of the word." ( Danish newspaper - Ekstra Bladet *****)

"Indians & Cowboys" Download, plus 30 page booklet of LP art & sample sources:
“Kalaidon and his dark soul vocal samples make the song sound like a weirder version of Nicholas Jaar's side project "Darkside" while a tune like Humani surprises with a tornado of vocal samples and a powerful four-to-the-floor beat which arrives out of nothing. “ -Nothing But Hope & Passion

"This isn't music for pure consumption or physical catharsis, but for discovery and understanding of our place in time, and in the world." - Cool Hunting

“Indians & Cowboys is an exuberant album with such an abundance of surprises and details that you want to listen again and again. An overwhelming and inspiring experience.” - (5/6 stars, Berlingske, 31 Oct. 2015)