So CGNY didn’t have one disappointing party this year! NYC is stepping up its techno (and electronica) game and things are only getting better it seems. So well done New York, keep it up!  Everyone who makes and plays quality music deserves applause but there are other forums for that! I’ve decided to do Special Notice of those acts, tracks and musical events that increased the dopamine rush for me!

Here we go:

Stefan Vincent, The Void She left. Incredible release here – it’s hardly even in the techno realm. Just a gorgeous composition. Made for the movies!

Ground Loop 1,  Atom Heart from NYC’s Bunker label. It soars! A complete heart swell of a track!

Architectural – The Witches Dance. Another hauntingly beautiful tune.

Human Resource Vs Agent Orange, Dominator– a real floor thumper (and a free download) as is Enriq Da Freq – aka Henry Novelo’s – Only for the Dance.

Kimtama - Acitek and Chanski's Diebstahl are wonderful as well as Jumex’s Brooklyn Warehouse. Again all local producers!

My man Lenny Posso brought a tremendous compilation out also – Consider this a Warning from which Zadigs “In the Abyss of Time” is one of my faves!

Dimi Angelis – ANGLS03 is superb and finally Voiski’s Downhearted Holidays are some of the best releases of 2015 in my humble opinion.

CGNY’s Best Artist 2016 is Reeko aka Architectural for his lush full delicious Amour EP. Every single track…just gorgeous.

Sustain Release 2016 surpassed expectations this year not only as a super cool music festival but for showcasing a heady mix of local and overseas talent. Daniel Cosmo aka LUX REC being one of the standouts as well as Gunnar Haslam’s insane live act and Mike Servito dishing out acid at 5am!

The Mysteries of the Deep Oct 30 party with Certain Creatures and Patrick Russell and crew definitely stood out as a highlight for me. Strange and beautiful with incredible visuals and just yeah – awesome all round! The Bunker with Rrose and Haxan Cloak!! I sat transfixed for over 20 minutes while Rrose played the giant gong!! Amazing!

And for end of summer vibes hearing all my local friends and Dutch compadre Dimi Angelis at Aphotic was incredible! And shouts to Lauren Ritter for making me dance super hard at the Dope Underground Beats party too!

Finally I got to play at the Anthology Dirty Epic Bunker party at The Works during Movement Detroit sharing the decks with Dani, Dan, Andrew and the Bunker crew – it was EPIC! And most recently last weekend at Beta Nighclub with the insanely talented Alala.One. Watch out for more of her in 2016!!

Thank you to everyone who booked me, sent me tracks, made sets for CGNY, sent me promos or gave me a heads up on some new folks to listen to. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! See you on the dance floor!