Flash Factory Announces First Month of Bookings

Tiga, DJ QU, Jamie Jones, and Cirez D

Flash Factory, Manhattan’s modern music refuge, delivers a strong first month’s worth of bookings to christen the recently finished venue. Although last weekend’s opening night with The Martinez Brothers was thwarted by snow, the venue will open this Friday 1/29 with legendary Canadian DJ and producer Tiga, followed by house connoisseur DJ QU on 1/30, Hot Creations label head Jamie Jones on 2/5, and Eric Prydz’s techno alias Cirez D on 2/13.

The 10,000 square foot Flash Factory is poised to deliver what Manhattan has been missing for decades - a serious space for music that stepped down a rabbit hole. The venue is unlike any other, steeped in the NYC tradition of CBGBs and the Fillmore. In time when New York mega clubs are closing down or moving to Brooklyn, “night-life impresarios Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter hope to lure the techno underground back to Manhattan using a new tool in their hospitality arsenal: populism” - The New York Times.

The venue eschews LED panels and screens, instead opting for organic architectural elements. “Its décor pulls from abandoned churches and 70s disco boîtes, pairing stained glass windows and wooden crosses with metallic wallpaper and laser-cut archways. A pristine white stone altar, salvaged from an old church in the Bronx, is repurposed as the central DJ deck.” - The Guardian.

Standing in stark contrast to the electronic functionality of modern day joints, Flash Factory is an homage to an era of vaudevillian eccentricity and Victorian decadence. Whether you love punk, techno, or rock, Flash Factory provides a proper venue for fans to connect with artists and their music, creating a communal experience and a sanctuary for those lost in rhythm.


1/29 - Tiga

1/30 - DJ QU, Phil Moffa & Filsonik

2/5 - Jamie Jones

2/13 - Cirez D

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