CGNY's Top Techno Things and Stuff

As we look back on the year and recall the amazing music and gigs CGNY has covered, here are a few good'uns that spring to mind but by no means completely comprehensive.


Mix of the Year - Sev Dah - on Deep Space Helsinki

The bit of 4th World I caught with Boris Brenecki

Parties -Groovy Groovy - Best live set by Geng (taking us to a completely different dimension!) with follow up set from Vesna aka Taya Prakurat

GROOVY GROOVY - sweatiest gig - with VSK and Scalameriya

Sustain-Release Everyone! Continues to be hands down my favorite musical event.

Aphotic - 24 hour Labor Day event (4074evah!)

Ryan Malony aka Uun driving from Detroit for Aphotic at Sunnyvale cos his flight was canceled and playing a killer live set after that drive!

Aphotic with Setaoc Mass - and Sam just dancing to everyone's set afterwards.

CGNY's first visit to CONCRETE Paris,

Mary Yuzovskaya b2b Antenes and UMFANG b2b with Nina Kraviz at ReSolute

Katie Rex Aphotic Labor Day event

Unter parties in general even though I didn't get to them as much as I'd like to this past year.

Thanks to all who came and played for CGNY at Halcyon The Shop and Bossa Nova Civic Club - Henry Novelo you rocked it last time!


Some great tracks we've heard in 2017


Cari Lekebusch put out some top class tunes this year - hardly one I didn't play in my sets. Same for Markus Suckut and Andre Kronert

Kastil- Dead Twins

Elements and Through the Phase from otodojo

JD Salinger Likes Acid ˆL_

The Ascension of Mind EP Lewis Fautzi- "Entering" being my fave

Snub Nose - Talker

Kmyle - Northern Landscapes EP

Chanski -- Monday Off Sayz EP

Craft- Time Will Tell - Ascetic

Far Away - Fabrizio Lapiana

No Quarter - Alderaan

Alex Alben - Structure Reality Alternate EP

Sev Dah - Proletarijat 004

Gonzo MDF - Don't trust people who talk too much - Endlec remix

Deep'a & Biri - Linear Progression

Thomas Hessler - Aura


nthng - The Traveler

Markus Suckut - Gospel Series

Helena Hauff -Nothing is what I know

Rob Roberto - Gibbus

Rebekah- Anxiety

WIRRWARR- Void the C-stem - VSK remix

Darius Kohanim - Vivid Dreams EP

For the sentiment alone - Less Donald Trump, More Techno Music Patrick McCann :)

a track Katie Rex played at the Aphotic Labor day party - unknown!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for another tremendous year NYC!! You did us proud! <3