Every year, I'm happy to say my musical taste swings and changes and I'm even more inspired by music I hear outside of the 'traditional' techno/club scene. This was the case in 2018. Here are some of CGNY's highlights of 2018, Completely subjective and biased and presented in no particular order!

Great sets/performances
Timeghost at the Psychic TV party - probs my fave live thing this year! at Sunnyvale - just a really riveting performance.
Somewhen and Volvox at the last Unter
Weiss Nix set Lost Soul Enterprises with Manni Dee
Teklife Records party at H0L0
Aïsha Devi and QUALIATIK at Elsewhere
quest?onmarc Boiler Room set Miami
Cédric Leghau at Twice as Proper- Halloween party
Henry Vengeance - Henry Novelo Live set on The Vault Show.
Honey Dijon - Sugar Mountain Set
Blazej Malinowski at Aphotic
Suzanne Ciani - Diva of the Diode at Ambient Church
Tristan Perich at St John the Divine
Tidus at Kinfolk
Everyone at Fourth World 2K18 - superb gig at Sugar Hill Disco where I heard the mighty Hiro Kone for the first time.
Cassegrain in Berghain and Steve Rachmad in the Garden and Steve also at Output - RIP Output and Cielo.
Irakli at Griessmuhle. 4 hours of spine tingling techno and his CGNY podcast which was a cut from that set - best performing sc set on CGNY! - thank you Iza!
Ace Alvarez at Stay
Speedy J at Good Room - NEW YORK TRAX Jochem Paap always!!!
Hiro Kone and Valise Drew McDowall at Fridman Gallery
JK Flesh at that Loft space - Lost Soul Enterprises
Amanda Mussi and Projekt Gestalten at Halcyon The Shop (Halcyon Warehouse)
Sensoria on Thursdays with Clay Wilson and Certain Creatures
Subhaze Studio at National Sawdust

Also shouts to low bpm sets that really got me moving
OG AG - his set for CGNY
Jenny Arredondo opening for Leghau Twice as Proper

Gigs I was sad to miss
Tensalofficial at COLORFIELD
Makaton Rodz Konez at The Black Hole

Artists to watch in 2019
Jabbar Hammir
Dee Diggs
Nathan Jones
Francesco Giannese
Nemanja Muhi Pavlovic
Mininch aka Will Chadwick

Artists I heard for the first time and loved
Soren Roi
Tyler Dancer
Wataru Kishida
Sara Lego Kanerva
Matt FX and Marc Rebillet
Mary Session
Fabian Ziemer

Tracks and Releases
So many outstanding releases this year - here are some that tickled my fancy!

Balrog Creep (Arcane Records) fave track of 2018!
Baldo Gallego - No End
Teragon 0.03
Hiccup - Glitter
Yaeji - Raingurl
Sawlin- Carrera Fold
Boris Brenecki - Mnemonic EP
Isabella Koen - Whistle EP
Varg V. Rönnberg- Nordic Flora Series
Réelle- Kissing Myself
Lars Huismann- everything!
Dan Snazelle Exposure to a Steady Stream EP
Arnaud Le Texier- Blade Pass Frequency
Flug (Official) - Parallel Consciousness
Black Asteroid- Metal Drums
Mørbeck - Kid Ghost
Dustmite - 7073
Chanski aka Tim Chan- Arkham kingdom v1
GlassKnot- Present Tense
The Leap - The Leap EP
Nathan Jones - everything
bod - Recurrence of Infections - Danse Noire Nick Zhu
≠ LavaL ≠ Origins EP
Leghau - Children of Tomorrow release

Label of the Year - US - The Seed
Label of the Year -International - Children of Tomorrow

My own highlights!
Djing Gay Pride Parade NYC representing Ireland for the first time officially in the parade!
Basement Project - djing alongside Jon Hussey Gamadon Mic Key Martin Anthony Murray Ian Hart - could not have asked for a better introduction to my first time to play back home!
Bossa Nova Civic Club for Thema Nights with Lenny Posso
Hidden Recordings party at Tilt BK
Writing for Jeff Mills for his Spiral Deluxe project.

And that's it! Thanks to all the artists, promoters, light and sound designers, servers, door folks, securitay!, dancers, random people I met and hugged on dance floors everywhere! Let's keep rocking in 2019!
And remember - Less Donald Trump - more Techno music - Patrick McCann