BALANCE 018: Nick Warren

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Wed 20 Apr 11
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BALANCE 018: Nick Warren
By: Keith Mitchell

Nick Warrens legendary status within the EDM community is shown yet again in this supremely mixed installment of the latest and always coveted Balance Series.

With number 018 rumbling smoothly off to a mystical intro, the choice of the initial track is nothing short of beautiful as its low end chug factor meshes lusciously with its warm synthesized notes that are flawlessly arranged.

Are we to expect anything else? from the master of technical progressive house in all its glory. Nick reaches many ear drums along the way as he caters his sound from the mini to the massive. As the mix moves forward with subtle ease of sound, it remains tight in audio arousal and the listener can only imagine what the world would be like if Nick decided not to pursue his passion for shedding magical light upon not only the electronic crowds, but as well as his contributions to the world of music.

Balance 018 continues to prove that Nick has the ability to utilize his signature sound while we witness the absolute evolution as well. The first disc in this double pack of amazement is quite satisfying as he has shown that whatever genre he is working with, it is at the upper echelon of electronic. From big room brawlers, to hypnotic playgrounds, to simplistic minimal undertones, his ability to leave you lost in the catacombs of music require you to drop bread crumbs in order to find your way back to reality. The mix of rock solid productions just within the first disc made me believe that time travel is possible, maybe not in the physical sense of the word but the spiritual without question. Balance 018 is very appropriate as that is just what this mix provides. A consistently fluid seamless aural voyage that sets the standard and bar very high. There are astral physicists that mention the possibility of more than one universe calling it a “multi-verse”, well if humans had the ability to witness this other space and time, I imagine that this is the kind of music that would be playing.

The emotive vibes sent out through Balance 018 define Nicks ability to keep the electricity pulsing as the sound soothes the soul with its rather refreshing approach. An introspective look and take of the past, present, and future are put on display as the acid like technical sounds move in and around disc 2 of the EP. As EDM fans continue to label and classify genre’s, we tend to forget that the most important aspect of music is the quality, in whatever realm the audio is bread from, or used live. Hands down, or in this case up describes the utmost respect for Nick as he meets all of today’s challenges with dropping a contemporary mix. If I could choose one word to describe this latest masterpiece from Balance 018 featuring Nick Warren it would be: precision. The sound found within the confines of this deep, dark, and thought provoking dream like voyage filled with dashes of light should give plentiful amounts of inspiration to all producers, dj's, and fans of electronic music.

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