Cavo Paradiso 11-Reconstructions mixed by Davide Squillace

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Wed 20 Apr 11
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Cavo Paradiso 11-Reconstructions mixed by Davide Squillace
By: Keith Mitchell

Davide Squillace’s newest mix, Reconstructions off of the Cavo Paradiso label begins with a minimal jazzy thumping bass and entities of vocal arrangements as well as soothing vibrations which give it a spring time tropical appeal.

The introduction track glides cleverly into an upbeat jacking tech groove which Davide clearly showcases within the first ten minutes of the set. Futuristic tech-house takes you on an expedition though a rainforest and Davide is your tour guide. I recommend strapping in your seatbelt tightly as the set continues to bounce along with great repetitive technicalities that ensure a unique and safe journey.

As the tracks blend so does the safari in this ride into Davide Squillaces mind as he displays thought provoking elements that swiftly send chills down the paths that lead to horn arrangements and subtle effects.

This cup of tea is surely mine to sip on if you enjoy minimal chugging tech-house. The mix sends you to your own private island in some foreign Caribbean oasis. Davide’s ability to fill up a space with basic yet complex selections sets him apart within the EDM community.

The fluid funk rolling vocal driven beach ball bass lines are works of genius and are as pleasant as blades of grass receiving drops of dew from the morning sky as the sun eventually burns the misty fog off, we can all see the sunshine that is showcased within the mix. Not every day do you come across a DJ set that really jumps out at you like this one.

The pure intelligence involved inspires and sends out that good vibration that makes you feel like your drinking a glass of a sugary sweet native drink of sound. Half way through Davide finally gives you a chance to catch your breath after the trip through the jungle leaves us into a chimed chiller minimal tech sound that makes you want to crack a coconut throw down a towel and lay out on that shoreline that’s been calling your name the entire time. Reconstructions, by Davide Squillace leaves the listener and hopefully dancer sonically satisfied as he serves up this warm, bumping, vibrant set that even on the rainiest days will shed some light and enlightenment upon any forward thinking electronic fan.

Highly recommended!!

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