Onno "Paragroove" EP

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Tue 22 May 12
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Onno Paragroove EP

by: Keith Mitchell

Onno sets the tribal techy flare ablaze with heat in the title track “Paragroove”. The next generation of full force bottom end gulping basslines meets an organic vibration. Onno carefully uses his vocal arrangements with flowing rhythmic qualities that are saturated in the rich subs, echoing metallic chimes, soft chirps, and a wicked drum section. Another plus are the simplicities in the snares, shakers, and other high notes which create an atmosphere as well as an overall upbeat message. Good rooftop or outdoorsy sounds found within the construction of the sound. “Paragroove” does just what the name says, makes you feel like you’re right next to the groove.

Dyed Soundorom’s approach to the “Paragroove” remix brings a raw thumping down beat to the tech house table as well as a nicely timed synth package. The slow builds utilize clever samples and drop warm chords. The bent bassline and other sounds sway in and out of the track. Dyed’s deeper version has the layers of sounds for that opening set or an early morning. Warm energy encompasses the track while the reverberated technical elements roll on. The bouncing bass kicks and switched up sandpaper high hats continue to groove. The use of subtle tones, stabs, and even more ceiling synths continue to evolve throughout the remix.

Onno’s third track on the “Paragroove” EP is named “Mumblin Groove” and after a few seconds the fluidity of the tune is very appealing. The milkman used to deliver in bottles sealed fresh and that’s what the track has to offer. Pop rockin’ mouth sampling sound effects and a pure tech house feel guide the way to the other side of the moon. More short and sweet vocal arrangements cleanse the ritualistic rhythms palate. Minimalism meets depth in “Mumblin Groove” as choppy drum sticks tick tock around the techy clock and the motivational subs continue to please. Great introductory track.

“First Question” is the answer and beyond the shadow of a doubt this track completes the “Paragroove” EP with a wicked bang. Fluctuating samples intertwined into the fabric of the tune. Short delayed snapped drop at 3:04 will have your feet moving. Bubbling bass thumps complimented by smooth reflected chords develop as the track takes on a life of its own. Whirling oscillated rhythms cohabitate the cavernous regions of “First Question” This style feels like technorganic. A newer breed of chugging fluff that doesn’t lose its focus on dancing. By 5:23 there is without question that Onno’s keen sense of production defines his vision. The primal components blended with a futuristic vibe breathe fresh air into an ever evolving sound. Onno and his “Paragroove” EP off Moon Harbor are solid tracks and what more can you ask for from a great label.


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