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Tue 3 May 11
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The track "Ousia" places the listener into a robotic minimal techno drum microchip as its being manufactured, bubbling all the way to the breakdown where a lost deep space feeling occurs. Its scattered arrangement with stuttered bass hits bounce with intricate use of high flicks and swift hats that reflect the subtle bass and the voyage continues to chug along the way. After the break the track evolves with a real grooving dark mechanical experience that is forward thinking at its best. "Ousia" does just what the name says by sending you into the mist of a vacant space station floating happily through space wrapped crab nebula. When the track ends you feel like your waking up from a dream that you would love to fall back asleep fast enough to relive. This late night early am mindbender is sure to please the heady tech head crowd..

"Dewlio Julio" starts off by creating a subsonic vibe. Minimal funk dubber techno works with its bottom end revolving door bass policy, clever use of high hats, and by the breakdown you cant help but enter the vortex of sound that has been laid down this mystical bass lovers delight journey. Vox arranged flawlessly, with this twisted techier approach. This track would be ideal for any late outdoor desert like environment but has versatility written all over it. "Dew" would go into my early or late folder just based on its wobbling expansion and amazing fluid bass.

By the first drop "Duenza Danza" has a more upgroove vibe. Minimal tech in its path with yet again a smooth tecky breaky arrangement and then comes along the light bulb stabbers and acid like quivers that have me tapping my foot as I type this. A definite clever pick me up that will move feet during the afterhours indeed. Modernized breakdown crunches with grit and a beautiful warm underlying synth chunk the drop back into motion as the track keeps you guessing. A futuristic popping and locking conveyor belt constructing as it deconstructs with a definite experimental sendoff leave us wondering whats next..

Moonshine and "Redneck Robotics" could go hand and hand as it takes you down a slower moving downtech road. Ting tongs, blips, and scrips turn this track up a notch with repeater vocals bumping and grinding with dirty working stabs and a spooky break that asks us a valid question: "How do they know that the real world is just another simulation?" As the swing brings back this whimsical and more playful head bopper it thrusts into a groove motion that stimulates and is a perfect track for laying down a coat of warmth onto any dancefloor. The entire Absence Of Essence EP is creative in nature and shows us the forward thinking more intelligent side to techno that utilizes cohesive production as we continue to thirst for more..

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