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Wed 20 Mar 13
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Album review of Vector Lovers "Iphonica"

Vector Lovers is certainly a familiar name in electronic music circles, but with the newest album "Iphonica," soon to be released on Soma, I find the project breaking new ground. Recorded wholly on the Nanostudio app for the Iphone, "Iphonica" is a testament to the power of the imagination and creative spirit and a melancholy slap in the face to those analog enthusiasts huddled in cluttered, over-wired studios.

The sixteen tracks that comprise the record are quite varied; yet exude a united sense of tranquility. Like a rainy Sunday that slowly unfolds outside your window leaving you with no desire other than to sit back and enjoy the ride, "Iphonica " will envelope you and take you on a journey you’re unlikely to regret. The first two tracks, Nakadori and Warm Laundrette, build nicely off of each other and patiently set the tone for the rest of the album. I especially enjoyed the contrast between the abrasiveness of the electro undertones that started Warm Laundrette and steady electronic pulse that seemingly stabilized the composition and served as a perfect transition to the melodic and emotional On Kastanienallee.

Another standout is "Big City Loner:" a hypnotic maze of interweaving melodies set a top growling bass line which so accurately conveys the feeling of a three a.m. walk through a deserted city.

I need to emphasize that this is not an electronic album filled with "club bangers;" if anything, there is likely only one track that can even qualify as a dance track. That being said, the album shows an artist who has matured since his debut on the scene some ten years ago and is no longer constrained by genres and expectations; as one of "Iphonica’s" tracks accurately proclaims, "Yesterday Is Gone!"

More than anything, Vector Lovers succeeded in conveying emotion and optimism through electronica. At times the album reminded me of Trentemoeller, and yes I know that artists want to be themselves, but when being compared to Trentemoeller you simply smile and know that you’ve done something right!

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