Traversable Wormhole – Vol. 6-10

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Traversable Wormhole – Vol. 6-10

As mankind continues to break down and compartmentalize reality through the lens of science, it is only natural that we begin to see artistic representations of these scientific phenomena. Adam Mitchell, also known as Traversable Wormhole, seems to be particularly mused by these developments. His latest release comes as a composite mix of his last five 12” releases on the distinguished techno label CLR. Entitled simply Vol. 6-10, it tosses the listener deep into the void of space, sending them on a tour of both external and internal universes.

The opener “Centauri Dreams” sets a mechanical tone with its layers of stereo percussion and pitched-down snares. The bass maintains the drive while seductive synths spill through and breathe their drones down into the cracks of the rhythm. It is followed by “Negative Energy Density”, which beeps like a dying satellite floating around the Earth. Again we see Mitchell’s emphasis and expertise in regards to low end, providing a throbbing groove that never quite lets you go. The next track, “Four Dimensional Manifold”, shoots you to the center of a dying star, laying down sheets upon sheets of blistering white noise in the process. Whipping hi-hats and modulating bass soon join the picture, completing the journey through to the other side. “Present Hypersurface” ventures into darker territory, beginning with ominous waves of sonics and metallic chatter. It quickly establishes a deep and funky dance of harsh snares and pulsating kick rhythms that would surely move any dance floor. “Subliminal Warp Drive” showcases some of the more conventional 4/4 sentiments – chugging its way forward with screaming highs, ruthless percussion, and growling lows.

Moving on we have “World Line”, which lands on some bizarre planets with its skeletal echoes and haunting atmospheres. It is one of the more minimal tracks on the record, taking the sweet time necessary to create a thorough experience for the listener.  The same can be said for the subsequent track, “Universal Time”, which is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the release. It begins simply with an unrelenting kick and skittering electronics, but soon dissolves into atomic bliss with an onslaught of bells and tasteful synthwork.  Continuing on the theme of time is “Eternalism”, a shuffling, hissing battle through a meteor shower of techno. Mitchell continuously changes up the elements of the track providing a sense of haste and paranoia while simultaneously creating many playful interlocking rhythmic devices. Staying true to its name, “The Wormhole Nexus” belches into existence with punchy kicks and sci-fi ambience that sounds like a David Lynch film shot in outer space. “Paradoxical Consequences” provides the conclusion to this astral adventure with screeching static and more driving low end.

When one takes all of these tracks as a whole they appear as a cohesive collection comprised of a sound that is very particular to the Traversable Wormhole project. While this is relatively straightforward techno, each track supplies a distinct sense of otherworldliness and groove. The emphasis Mitchell places on production shines as a clear paradigm of how creative and effective mixing can enhance the translation of ideas in a track. On top of this, the inspiration for the music is expressed in unique and engaging ways. So whether you are looking for a cosmic journey or simply some techno bombs, Vol. 6-10 is sure to supply plenty of both.

Traversable Wormhole 6-10 is available here

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