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Thu 12 May 11
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Kate Simko’s Lights Out LP/CD on Hello? Repeat - release date June 2011
By: Keith Mitchell

Kate Simko’s true thoughtfulness and progression as a musician and an artist are showcased in her up incoming release of the highly anticipated “Lights Out” LP/CD on the label Hello? Repeat based in Germany.

After two years of inspiration in Buenos Aries, the LP/CD begins with “Beneath”, this mild thump structured casual walk along the street to the local park searches for the perfect bench to relax on so you can enjoy the afternoon and take in the scenery of groovy syncopated rhythms. The refreshing pleasant melodies add to the tracks simplistic arrangement that is effortlessly, calming, and peaceful while maintaining fluidity and motion. 

As we take a closer look into Kate Simko’s “Lights Out“, the intro actually turns the lights on for a stroll through her audio landscapes as she consistently proves to be a force and a visionary as her style continues to show creative growth within electronic dance culture.

The album flows into the second track with the song “Flight” as she displays a raw organic bass line with sweeping hypnotic waves of flickering synthesized harmonious notes that blend in conjunction with a classic layer across the ceiling, or sky. The soulful vocals provided by Kevin Knapp, as well as subtle sirens sublimely surfacing make you actually feel as if the sun were setting on a city after a long hot day. The track eventually cools down as the evening approaches.

“Mira Vos” picks up the pace as we see an up tempo flare as well as a more dynamic bass bump. Sparkles, and rolling effects ignite the track, and by the breakdown the minimal chug continues to flutter about with rubbery stabs that allow the full cycle of sound to inspire the night. Kate’s ability to stay true to her roots as a classically trained musician and as a pianist are infused with her own brand of electronic production that defines her as an artist.

“Mind On You” grooves about with its deep, jazzy, techy, sexy flavor, and we can hear how important it is to Kate to utilize her brand of quality music. The seductive female vocals by Brenda De-Noto enhance the portrayal of the message that is conveyed as we take an introspective look inward while the track radiates emotion.

Every DJ loves a great ambient introduction and that’s just what you get with the fifty six seconds of “Monochrome”, a delightful yet eerie mid summers night cruises along a pier as the misty sonic waves slowly work their way onto land.

When “Last Breath” drops in with lathered low end bass chords, they compliment the fiddle stick snare snaps that open up the gateways into the depth of the EP. This heady tech track uses minimal throwback elements until we are caught off guard when the malleable pieces of electronic steal are manufactured before our very ears. The helpful serving of analog and digital production techniques on the “Lights Out” EP get even more generous as Kate drops “Bikini Atoll” all over our heads like a bowl of warm cream of wheat. The cinnamon spiced high hats, maple syrup subs, and sweet twisted undertones would roll any dance floor ready to eat this soul manifesting breakfast of sound.

When the vibes from “Cairo” kick the drum into place Kate maintains her honed razor sharp edge of futuristic genre crossed productions.
The ambient dash of “Machine’s Mantra” displays Kate’s film scoring mind, as

it comes to life, the listener can only be captivated and drawn into her world

of cinematic expression.

“Lights Out” ends with a liquid funk bouncier number called, “Had It All” featuring vocals by Dilo. As the track shifts its shape into the techno shadows its waving grooved bubbly vibes are positive by default.

Be on the look out for Kate Simko’s “Lights Out” LP/CD on Hello? Repeat out in June 2011. The album is a journey into her creative heart and mind with ten classy, effervescent tracks that were produced with an advanced level of thought, relevance, and magnetic allure that embody the spirit of electronic intelligence...

Not to be missed!

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