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Wed 29 Jan 14
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Hexagon Cloud RMXD 2.0 is the 32nd release from Detroit label Interdimensional Transmissions, and the second volume of remixes for Erika’s solo debut Hexagon Cloud. Following the precedent set by the first volume of remixes (with versions by Marcelus Pittman, Orphx, and the label’s own BMG), RMXD 2.0 moves into deep and heady territory. For the second volume, Interdimensional Transmissions brings in versions by Italian master Donato Dozzy as well as Patrick Russell, Israel Vines, and synth technicians Outer Space.

Dozzy’s version of “Early Warning Starfield” is an absolute gem. A wriggling, acidic synth line descends in triplets over a pulsing and hypnotic combination of kick and toms, with triumphant pads filling the spaces between. One can imagine more adventurous DJs using this track to devastating effect on late-night dance floors.

Next up, Israel Vines turns Erika’s original electro jam “Gardeners” into a full-on warehouse, complete with dark and spacious pads, squelching synths, and masterful rhythm work with the 808. Vines’ version is a competent techno stomper, but it doesn’t bring anything particularly fresh or exciting to the table.

On their version of “Tow Ride”, Andrew Veres and John Elliott (of the eclectic label Spectrum Spools) layer cinematic pads over a dystopian base of dirty bass and squelching textural noise. It feels a bit like a 70’s car-chase scene on acid.

Patrick Russell’s version of “North Hex” falls a bit flat after the first three tracks. Its smugly grooving bassline and chattering noises already sound a bit flat at the two minute mark, and they don’t change much over the next four.

While some tracks shine brighter than others, this EP is a crafty little release that spotlights a darker and more psychedelic side of the Detroit tradition.

PS I won’t ruin the surprise here, but there is a beatless bonus track that brings back one of the four remixers for a powerfully cinematic climax to the release.


Alex Markey for CGNY

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