Blue Hour - Reference 97

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Mon 7 Apr 14
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After making his introduction last year with the highly acclaimed Flow State and Axis Motive, the UK producer is now back with a three track EP just released last month.

Blue Hour is relatively unknown. Previous releases’ stylistic elements follow a recognisable groove.

Atmospheric and deep, with gravitas, I want to use the word ‘auteur,’ but I should save it for later. The 909 provides the weight of these tracks, the heavy pounding compounded with diffuse melodic sensibilities.

Reference 97 is an interstellar conveyor. Train track rhythms with synthesis from the cosmos.

Shadows of the Vatican abound, there is soulful influence. The unrelenting drum pattern breaks once, only to kick back with full force.A tactile club mover and a late night chiller. The track is practicably utilisable.Its ambience is spine tingling, trembling on the edge of spookiness. Hot track, the patter of drums shiver.

Don’t Speak is a solid, square techno drive. Comprising uncompromising, undiscernible, ghostly vocal.

Techno aficionados love those Vox elements. On the dancefloor we wonder who, or what is communicating with us. I assume it is the souls of the Vitus Dancers, Aliens, or an auspicious collective of Deities.

Drums are enhanced, a bit sharper, ja’c’kin’, and, those nervous tics, to tickle one’s spinal column.

Moments is a syncopated pounder, 2 step foot shuffler, with angelic synthesis.

One for the rising sun. 8am on a bright day after a night of wandering through the moss covered hills, sandy dunes, or just about anywhere else. I am open to suggestions.

Review for CGNY by Alastair Schwarz

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