Cassegrain – Blood Distributed as Pure Color

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Wed 23 Jul 14
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Cassegrain – Blood Distributed as Pure Color

Modular synthesis never quite seems to get old, especially when there are artists like Cassegrain constantly reinventing its musical applications. The duo, otherwise known as Hüseyin Evirgen and Alex Tsidiris, are back for their fourth release on the acclaimed Munich-based label Prologue. Entitled Blood Distributed as Pure Color, it appears as a meditation on the art of repetition and synthesis.

The title track takes its time shaking and stirring around a hollow drum, eventually filling the palette with painted drones that wail and groan as the rhythm builds in intensity. It makes for an engaging and disorienting listen, much like the second track “Yokai” which is even more stripped down. It too functions entirely around what can only be assumed is a pulsating modular line that sends shivers down the spine with the way it snakes down into madness. As per usual Cassegrain utilize a number of interesting textures and timbres to add color to their creations and in turn make them endlessly fascinating.

The last track, “Hexagon Fifteen”, relies on an assortment of drums and bells that coalesce underneath breathy pads and tribal soundscapes to create a strange and primitive environment. It is a more experimental cut than the previous two and balances the release well in that way. All in all, Blood Distributed as Pure Color sees Cassegrain further refining their sound as well as their craft, and will certainly sit well amongst the rest of the Prologue catalogue.

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