Peter van Hoesen - Call and Response EP

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Fri 12 Sep 14
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Title: Call and Response EP

Artist: Peter Van Hoesen

Label: Time to Express

Peter Van Hoesen’s penchant for combining tough, angular rhythms with meticulous, hi-fidelity sound design is on full display in his latest EP for his own label, Time to Express. Every sound is crystal clear and distilled to its essence, and even though the mixes are very full, nothing about these tracks is muddy or overdone. This is hard to pull off with techno that sounds this big and booming, though it’s no surprise that Van Hoesen is up to the task considering his status as a regular in Europe’s biggest clubs and as a resident at the Labyrinth festival.

The opening track, “Rift”, centers on a funky bass line that would sound cheesy in the hands of a less capable sound designer. Van Hoesen manages to warp the sounds just enough to keep them interesting through the course of the track, aided by a shimmering pad that adds a lighter element to this bottom-heavy tune. “Situation Two” is more percussion-driven, and although it’s a well-executed and DJ-friendly track, in the context of the rest of the EP it doesn’t particularly stand out.

From this point, the Belgian producer moves into more introspective territory with “Hollow Eye”, a heady late-night tripper that alternates between a dissonant bassline and a soaring, melodic pad, laid over an oddly shuffling beat. “Chroma 3 (Dark Dub)” probes even stranger territory, as Van Hoesen puts a single 3-beat synth line through an extended workout. After such bizarre, experimental fare, the closing title track feels a bit too normal, though the beatless ending rounds off the EP nicely.

Call and Response EP is big, aggressive techno, but Van Hoesen manages to avoid many of the tropes that plague material of this ilk. You won’t find stale loops anywhere on this release, and the tracks are well balanced between DJ-friendly and experimental. If distinctively crafted techno is what you’re after, you won’t regret picking this single up.


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