Stanislav Tolkachev - Right Angle EP

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Wed 1 Oct 14
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Stanislav Tolkachev - Right Angle EP is Semantica 65, the second solo release on Svreca’s Madrid-based label.


A beautiful cosmic synth harmony with electronic effects. The relentless kick drum pounds indefinitely, but does not overpower. Subtle compression allows elements to coalesce but not dominate.

Mid and high drums reverberate the yaw, tilt and roll of your headphones / speakers / main room / 50,000kw rig.

Scattered and smattered, the delayed ticks crackle and cascade in every direction.

If you have keen ears, you may discern some voices form within the music. I love this aural effect in electronic music.


More clanking and resonant, train track motion, soft detunes and extended notes. The drum pattern shimmers along, the hi-hats are subdued. Tolkachev is allowing elements to relax: this is not a building track, more of a wind-down.

The second half introduces warped, gloopy reverb.


Quavering and trembling, a soft synth bubbles on top of a rusty pattern. Slower, the focus seems to be on working several melodies into a chaotic maelstrom. Great breakdown, returning with a solid kick and no discernible high frequency drums, until the fade out at the end.


The heathen organs strike once again, leading us down into the abyssal void.

Drum pattern sprightly, with an extra beat slipped in behind the 4th kick.

All it needs is some screaming priests to set it on a level with Regis and Vatican Shadow.

I believe Stanislav Tolkachev has an innate knowledge of modular synthesis, an ability to work melodies together seamlessly. His style is recognisable and truly brilliant.

Review for CGNY by Alastair Schwarz

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