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Thu 9 Oct 14
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AnD - Dark Matter EP

The EP release for Manchester duo AnD’s upcoming full length album comprises two cuts of hardcore industrial techno with inimitable acerbic flavours.

Previous releases have been heavyweight, carving a groove straight into the earth’s core.

These new sounds spread event horizons further afield.

A side – Cosmic Strings has a familiar kick drum, stepping up in intensity, incrementally.

An odd, wobbly acid line complements a secondary furious acid line, which rises in ferocity!

A simple two note string hook pins the track down.

Good to hear some analogue drums clack to the counter-rhythm.

High frequency drums, distorted and bristling, combine with a wicked snare and other subtleties.

Several  kick drum breaks throughout inject oxygen in bursts of a couple of bars, as though the typist is going from POUNDING TECHNO to breathing space.

B Side – Photon Visibility Function has a classic AnD intro: heavily filtered kick, with a two-step backbeat. Some weird rumblings and vibrations, high static tension all build an aura of unsettled fear.

The drop is thunderous, earthquake material, followed by a crescendo of hi hats and stabs.

A weird melody is quietly introduced, freaky material that pushes the limits of synthesis.

Breakdown allows closer analysis of this acid synth.

Hearing AnD perform with live instruments in Manchester confirms to me that they have tricks concealed in sleeves (and outer sleeves).

Secondary and Tertiary drops allow drum stabs to return.

Throughout the track there is an ethereal echo: dungeon or cathedral, you choose.

By the end, the synth is at full zenith. Drums fade to black, leaving the nadir of the synthesizer and a ringing reverberating ghostly resonance.

Review for CGNY by Alastair Schwarz

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