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Wed 19 Nov 14
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From the veiled unknown, the obscure AnD have produced a debut Long Player, following on from a serious arsenal of heavyweight 12” weapons. To end the year 2014 with a bang, lend your ears and ribcages to ‘Cosmic Microwave Background,’ a substantial arraignment of technological skill.  A composite of dance floor destroyers, DJ tools and extraneous materials to make your head tic.

The album is a solid testament to Techno, of the Industrial genus.

Firmly rooted in UK techno, the album is contemporaneous with the elite of the future. I predict that remixes of the source will be charted in dangerous territory.

AnD have inimitable traits wreathed throughout their sound. Insidious synthesis wreaking within the deep vein of archaic industry. Layers of sounds, creeping and increasing with intensity, twisted and acrimonious, distorted and darkly palatable. These weapons are well honed, intensive and primed for dance floor carnage.

In the course of the album, it is audible that limitation has been discarded, allowing freedom of expression to break through the bars. Unusual is what we like to hear when artists are gifted with unconstrained creativity. The range of stimuli certainly demonstrates another sophistication compared to previous output.

Without the use of Cryogenic Electron Microscopy, the only way human eyes can see particles is grouped together as part of a larger mass. In front of a sound system, the drivers vibrate air molecules, emitting sound waves, displacing particles in the room.

These sustained intonations, as though from a siren of mythical legend, permeate a wobbly, burbling stream of blips and bloops on this, opening track.

The Epoch of Recombination is the Aeon we find ourselves in, from the changing of the Mayan Calendar until the construction of another, more sophisticated device. It glitches, bass heavy, rolling and scraping with brute electronic mayhem. May it sustain for another billion years.

Spectra can be infinite, stretching beyond our limited perceptions. High frequency microwave radiation travel at the speed of light. Potentially these cosmic rays can be absorbed to provide power. A Graphene constructed Lodestone Generator in high earth atmosphere would collect and hold charge. A supercapacitant, superconducting plug socket for hitchhikers low on juice.

The pressure is extreme. A vast weight of bass, the noisy synthesizer, screeching and slipping, warped and Unhaptic, slamming back and forth with the rhythm. Cold stuff for the inalienable.

Serried delayed fluctuations, dribbling beats and sharp rides. The transcendental voices of a Choir, subverse and occult, murmurations of arcane tongues.

From here on in all elements are incongruous.

I ask myself questions, unrelated to the specific aesthetics of the music.

What is the weight of a graviton?

How can particles have negative mass?

As my head slowly explodes, begin a slow, cacophonous alarm, the sound of the midnight raid. I worry that the machines are disturbed by something. Nevertheless, the calm returns with smooth melody and crisp Drexciyan flavours.

Often disharmonic, all keys thrown into the bowl, hazy vibrations and a flashing light at the end of the tunnel. My head is fully upped beyond all repair.  A solid “whhhurrvyhhyrr’’ forms its own language. Always unwise to gaze too deep into the codified synthesis, for within, odd things come to fruition. Spirographic rhythms, railing at angles, reaching out for the furthest dimensions.

To close, a ringing, tinkling of bells, fading to ambient, the ritual complete. Deep extrospection is now required.

Review for CGNY by Alastair Schwarz

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