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Mon 23 May 11
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‘Before Silence’ LP Session - Sian

Sian’s freshest sounds discovered in the ’Before Silence’ LP send you cruising into his dark and murky voyage with some spectacles of light. His highly aware, bright production style evokes the techno kindred spirit within the community of advanced listeners and dancers.

Rumbling low end bounce, crisp and refreshing high notes, warm synthesized rhythmic flow are all showcased within the first eleven minutes of this syncopated mix. The structure and addition of a hypnotic appeal smooth the journey over, then the ignition sparks as we are launched directly into the evolution of the mix.

Superior sound arrangements and beyond futuristic elements keep the clean yet complex formulas vibrating with full attentive focus. Sian maintains a continual curious objective as we breathe the powerful audio inhalants he creates.

Not even twenty minutes in and Sian’s engine control room is firing on all techno cylinders. Atmospheric, dome like chugging goodness would shift dance floor mobility.

Sian came equipped with an absolute arsenal of sonic warheads. His ability to hold down fluidity is proven. The consistency and selections he mixes shows us throughout the LP what being a class act of techno is all about.

Thirty minutes in and this set is one of the best mixes I’ve heard in years. Sian rocks as his tracks roll. He can take you from your laptop physically, and then guide you into your minds eye mentally as you envision what the set would be like in an audio engineered venue.

By thirty five minutes into the set the intellectual side of bold, lathered, and luscious techno is evident.     

Sian remixed and collaborated with some highly accredited conductors by the likes of Carlo Lio, Ramon Tapia, Gui Boratto, Joel Mull, Dustin Zahn, DVS1, Jonas Kopp, and others. Their sounds are precisely put on display and noted throughout.

Sian and company have proven to be on the forefront of boisterous, layered, moving, earth shaking, funk filled, productions that command attention while keeping the modesty and integrity of the tracks intact.

By far, far, and further away this set is a feast for the pure techno fan.

Get your hard drive ready..

Keith Mitchell        

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