NX1 - 07

Author CGNY
Thu 19 Mar 15
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NX1 is an acronym synonymous with the sharpest surfaces of cutting edge techno.

An essential arsenal of dancefloor movers precedes their latest release, ’07.’

19 is a woozy double stepper, with gurgling synth textures and an ethereal glow in the background.

Rising hats build into a solid drop.

Voices of the ghosts of electronics shriek at us, complimenting a subdued orchestral hedonism.

Much dynamism on this one, elements weave in and out of each other in succinct array.

20 is a raw phased acid joint with vibrant double beats and oozing bassline. Deep in the jungle material. A steady builder with scintillating atmospherics at the end.

21 comprises delayed pulses with a steady kick and formic hi hats. A lone echo resounds in the background.

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