Shapednoise - Different Selves

Author Fiona
Mon 30 Nov 15
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The second album from Shapednoise has surfaced from the creative depths, a brutal aural assault, perfect for your despicable sensibilities. “Different Selves” falls on the grimier side of industrial noise, akin to some Northern Structures, Ancient Methods and Blackest Ever Black releases.

“Enlightenment” begins the album with the subtle hoarse breathing noises of an industrial monster and string overlay. Vibrato drums complement the uneasy sound. Similar to some JK Flesh records.

“Intruder” is crunchy and powerful, like the gates of Valhalla are opening up before you. Heavily distorted with a screaming synthesiser, the off kilter rhythm sits perfectly with the chaotic noise.

“Dream Within a Dream” is another solid rhythm using reverberating, pounding kick drums. A rusty scissor type motion cuts through the high end. More deep uneasiness crackles through on the low end.

“Well Being” is atmospheric, with intense heavy breathing sounds. A ringing synthesiser rustles like metallic autumn leaves. A dysrhythmic kick pattern rears its head, jutting about discordantly. Distorted voices resound. I always want to know what they are saying, but I have to make my mind up. This phenomenon is known as mondegreen, where one’s imagination fills in the blanks.

“Travels in the Universe of the Soul” is a two minute interlude, with bass heaviness and a tremulous synth that shimmers in and out of focus. Very moody and suitable for the new Alien film when it is finally made.

“What is it Like” is a terrific rhythm comprised of harsh cuts of electric static noise. Real cut up sounds, like a broken aerial on a radio might come up with. This is acerbic stuff and not for delicate ears.

“Heart Energy Shape” begins with a bubbling acidic synthesiser, mellow in comparison to the other tracks. It is joined by building white noise and hi hats, the drop descending into a tremulous and brisant bassline. The clatter of the sharp end of the drums is supreme.

“Escalation” is like being stuck in a turbine, the whirring motivation of the track counterpointed with clicks and sweeps from the typical white noise infused sound palette. A ringing one note synth rises in ferocity throughout. The drop on this one is dangerous, the buzzing, oscillating bassline holds no punches. Again there is the sound of distorted and warped vocals, crying out from the murky confines of the WAV file.

“The Man From Another Place” is the last track on the album. A beautifully twisting rhythm with grinding elements and a spacey sub bass. Hissing and demented, the track moves along with crippling force, flickering in and out of the range of hearing.

“Different Selves” should be listened to in clubs, or at least a good pair of headphones. This is not one for tinny laptop speakers, I fear they would break.

You can certainly test your neighbours with this blitzkrieg of industrial noise. There is some real tectonic plate shifting activity, horrific and arcane, an album of nightmare fuel of insane calibre.

Review for CGNY by Alastair Schwarz

Shapednoise "Different Selves" from sYn on Vimeo.

Different Selves drops Dec 3.


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